Were 9 Spanish cities which witnessed the launch of Mitsubishi Electric through virtual reality goggles.

So, because of the presentation on the Spanish market of a new range of chillers, Mitsubishi Electric challenged us to organize a sophisticated and exclusive event with the imperative requirement of the use of technology.

The objective was to make a very powerful commercial launch to reinforce the position of the brand as a technological leader in the sector. To do this, during the months of June and July we visited the different capitals chosen by Mitsubishi in search of the perfect seat in: Seville, Málaga, Valencia, Alicante, Bilbao, La Coruña, Mallorca, Madrid and Barcelona. They were all strategic cities in which to present this new range of products.

What was the challenge? To bring to attendees all the features and characteristics of the new chiller of the E range, a chiller of more than 1000 kg.

But … how to make our guests see and live in first person without being physically there?

We resort to the technological trend of the moment and in an innovative and spectacular way we present the chiller using virtual reality glasses. Through Drac Pixel’s own technology, we simultaneously connect up to 200 mobile devices to a single server to control and synchronize them remotely from a computer to ensure a complete and immersive virtual experience for all attendees.

After brief interventions by Mitsubishi’s Executive Management, the presenter invited our audience to put on their glasses to enjoy a different presentation and original virtual reality. Already with the glasses on, the same presenter, dressed exactly the same, welcomed them to this new virtual space where they were revealing the new features of the E-series. The experience allowed them to even move to the offices of Mitsubishi Electric in Sant Cugat to contemplate a real installation thanks to a 360º vision of the space.

To reinforce this feeling of virtual travel, we welcome our guests in a red and warm atmosphere thanks to the use of expressive lighting. Red, besides being the corporate colour, is also synonymous with heat.

When they took off their glasses, they received a final sensory impact. The warm red colour of the room gave way to cool, refreshing blue as a dry ice canyon flooded the room with icy spectacular smoke.

After enjoying this virtual and sensorial experience, the event continued with a presentation in a more traditional format to reinforce the more technical concepts.

After the presentation of the product, the attendees were able to taste a sophisticated cocktail while enjoying the singularities that each city offered.

All this was organized and led by the Drac Pixel’s team, proud of being able to participate in this project and, once again, offer the latest technology and our experience to our customers.

“At Drac Pixel we are committed to new technologies, and Virtual Reality is undoubtedly one of them”.

According to the study published by The App Date (www.theappdate.es/)

in September 2016, virtual reality is already a reality and it closed the year with more than 150 companies dedicated to this sector in our country.

This interesting infographic shows the current situation.


And what is expected for this 2017?

The Augmented Reality will exceed 6,000 million euros of income this year according to expert analysts, an amount that with no doubt augurs a promising future.

According to a study carried out by the consultancy BlueAttack, the trend of growth of virtual reality for the next few years is very high and positive.

At Drac Pixel we are sure that this technology will continue to grow and we, as experts, will continue to use it with our customers. We are committed to virtual reality!

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