Last October we organized a project that, undoubtedly, its participants still remember. Our mission was not simple: to make the launch of a prescription drug memorable and we did it.

A pharmaceutical laboratory was launching a new treatment and needed to present it to the team in a spectacular and different way. Under the concept of stellar adventure, at Drac Pixel we wanted to make all participants share a unique experience.
From the beginning we wanted to give the entire protagonist to the new branding of the product and we created a universe of our own, an atmosphere in which every detail of the encounter was impregnated, where the character and identity of the product were the protagonists. At all times, the branding of the event was fully in line with the branding of the product.

“At Drac Pixel we always want the experience to be complete and we make sure that every event follows the same thread, and that everything flows under the same concept.”

On this occasion, we wanted to surprise the attendees on several occasions, approaching them at all times to the whole star launch universe they were witnessing. From a teaser welcome gift, music and atmosphere until a team building day, we take care of all the details.

So, in addition to the branding, organization of the day and workshops or decoration and setting of the spaces, we had the challenge of organizing a more playful afternoon, combining different objectives: take advantage of the special place, the wonderful location where they were and to be able to know more in depth all its places and history, as well as to promote the team work, the cohesion of the group, the aid between them and the trust. And of course, combine it with what we know best: to bring our most innovative and technological touch, one of our strengths and differentiators as an agency.

The result was a geolocalized gymkhana, followed by tests designed in detail to relate directly to the main Key Messages of the launch. We also created a unique and exclusive application that would help them to move around the location and to guide them with explanations of the tests and their relationship with the product. And everything with a touch of humour… having a special and unique conveyance: Meharis, the most characteristic vehicles of the hippie era.

“The important thing was, without a doubt, to make sure that the attendees lived a unique experience.”

As Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company, said, “Meeting is the beginning, staying together is progress and working together success.” With this appointment we realize the importance of achieving not only the goal of organizing a day, but also of promoting cohesion and teamwork of all participants.
The Drac Pixel team is proud of this project and it is for this reason that we wanted to share it; explain in detail how we managed to recreate the universe of the launch, together with a funny and technological team building, being able to enjoy to the maximum the location and all the spaces that we visited.

And, moreover… Virtual Reality.

We developed a Virtual Reality experience in which to contemplate the galaxy of the product in 360º that would make our assistants remember that launch all eternity.


We hope the team enjoyed as much or more of those three days than we did. Thank you very much to all!

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