Recycling is a topic that is increasingly present in every home, but…

What about in your work?

Have you ever wondered if you are just as sustainable at home as in your workspace?

Do we have the right containers to recycle effectively?

Usually, the answer is “no”. When we generate a waste, we haven’t clear where to deposit it and companies should focus on it Awareness campaigns are important and totally necessary.


Many of our clients already have strategies aimed at susatinability and the care of the environment, such as Bayer. Bayer has been betting on this kind of changes for a long time, and this is how “Pequeños grandes pasos” is born. This way they fight for greater energy efficiency and for giving a double life to those products that have already had a first use.

“For every Kg paper and cardboard that is recycled, we avoid the emission at the landfill of 900 grams of CO2”


Providing sensitivity to the campaign, we collaborate with the FEMAREC project, which strives to achieve the socio-labor insertion of people in situation or risk of social exclusion.

The agency was responsible for:

  • Creative parts design
  • Decorate common areas
  • Generate an expectation campaign
  • Decorating bins according to branding and signaling that goes in each so as to guide all employees
  • Gamification


Little big steps as the name of this important campaign arise from the idea that with little effort we can get great rewards.

Bayer employees are only a few steps away from their different workspaces and have recycling bins as part of the company’s energy efficiency program.

The message of this campaign wants to highlight the benefits we can achieve by just taking a few small steps and meeting the recycling goals inside and outside the company.

Environmental sustainability is everyone’s job and within these efforts our clients are committed to the development and well-being of a whole society.

You dare? We can help you!



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