In this new era of communications, much is said about how brands must tell stories, speak and interact, generate engagement, try to get their public to share… With the revolution of new technologies, we are faced with a new scenario in which we must submerge brands in order to reach their audience. The era of bidirectional communication arrived, with social media and blogs leading the way, along with it came the “infoxication” and a constant avalanche of messages from many brands. Thus, the million dollar questions arrived:

  • How to stand out among this tidal wave of information?
  • How to be different?
  • How to attract and reach our targets?

The key is in the CONTENT.

The trend veers to content marketing because, as Doug Kessler says, “traditional marketing talks at people, content marketing talks with them”.

With attractive content that captivates our audience and that transmits the DNA of the brand we get:

  • Improvement of brand image,
  • Direct and close interactions with our audience in a natural and open way,
  • Improvement of the brand’s positioning in search engines,
  • And last but not least, our audience, their interests, and their needs become the center of our thoughts.

This leads the end users to increase their trust in the brand and, as a result, an increase in your product’s sales.

As many assert, content is king and for content to work and stand out among the rest we must primarily diversify formats to constantly surprise the users and make sure that every time they reach our “digital home” they’ll find something new. Opting for designing infographics, editing videos, creating tutorials, compiling playlists, images, presentations … is a sure hit.

Once we are convinced that content marketing is paramount in our brand strategy, the most recurring concerns among brands’ communication managers arise:

  • Will we have enough topics to talk about?
  • Will we be able to retain our audience’s attention or will we lose it on the third post?
  • Will it be too much extra work?
  • What is the most optimal organization to make the work agile and effective? …

Creating an editorial calendar and agreeing on an optimal work flow are essential to overthrow these doubts. Thanks to this previous work, we are able to distribute the contents in a logical way over time and push on each topic at the right time.

Our involvement in the Havaianas’s blog

One of our most satisfying content marketing projects in which we are currently immersed is Territorio Havaianas, the Havaianas Europe blog. It is a space where the Brazilian flip-flop brand shares articles about Brazilian culture, fashion trends, the brand’s spirit, playlists suited for different moments, collaborations with influencers, writers and chefs, among many other topics related with the spirit of the brand and the message Havaianas wants to convey. In addition, to reach and connect with the audience, the blog is translated into 6 languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, German and Italian.

This digital Brazilian paradise is a great example of the content diversification and dynamism we have been talking about. Havaianas shares a large variety of contents: from infographics that teach you how to take care of your Havaianas or that explain the essentials to travel to Brazil, to playlists that transport you to the Brazilian Carnival or that accompany you and your friends in your summer parties, or even videos about travels in Salvador de Bahía or about the construction of giant flip-flop shaped showers installed throughout Europe during the summer.

Curious to know more about this project? Click here.

Content marketing is a strategy that adds value to the user, generates trust and tranquility. The user does not perceive it as invasive, thus you will find less resistance to the purchasing process when presenting your product or service.

Do you too take a stand for content marketing? Ask us!

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