At Drac Pixel we intervene in online training very actively for many of our customers.

Without going any further, we are developing an online platform for Monlau Technical School ( The course that contains this platform is offered in the MBA advanced training, and it is a high level training for engineering mechanics. After completing this training, students can access the professional motorsport competition.

What has been our mission? Create a virtual classroom from 0 totally customized with the needs of Monlau and its students, through Moodle and personalizing it both technically and graphically. In this way, through this virtual classroom students have the possibility of accessing the course, supplementary material and evaluation tests, maintain contact with a tutor, have connections with other students, have their own file with their achievements, Assistance telephones, among others.

In this particular project, and taking it as an example, we started and built a platform from scratch, but if the client already has a platform, then we work with the LMS of our clients, being connoisseurs of the most used in the market and adapting our courses to technologies.

The master of Monlau is composed by 41 modules of approximately two hours each and grouped in different blocks, in addition of 8 tests.

¿What resources do we use in online training?

Nowadays, eLearning’s are moving away from static slides and it is for this reason that they have more similarity with the face-to-face training.

For the courses, in Drac Pixel we use the most common languages and software, of the latest generation, giving them added value thanks to our technological departments: interactive exercises such as drag & drops or answers, animated slides made in html5, videos, Interactive videos, virtual scenarios, 3D, illustration or cartoon. In this way, the training is much more interactive and involves the students and makes them participate.

Finally, all courses are programmed with SCORM technology, which allows the tracking of all students, informing at all times about which courses or modules have been completed, what exercises have been done, how many tests or exams have been completed and what has been the score in each of them in order to be able to determine the ones that have been approved and to send them the obtained certificate or title.

In Monlau, students have two attempts to perform each test and the highest mark is the one that counts. In this case the tests are available for a limited period of time, although this option is completely modifiable and can be adjusted to the needs of each client. Even if the test is not approved, the student will be able to access the next module and it is the teacher’s final decision when evaluating.

On the other hand, each block of modules has its own glossary, exercises and supplementary material that can be downloaded from the platform.

The future: Video training, virtual reality, and much more…

The online training is always in constant evolution and it is precisely for this reason that the online platforms incorporate different technological innovations within the field of eLearning.

¿But what do we think are the trends of corporate eLearning for 2017?

Big Data

We talk about the whole set of data created by students who take an online training course, and all these data can be analysed with the aim of seeing their learning and behaviour and improve their interactivity with the tool.


What a better solution than to transfer the mechanics of games and interactivities in the formations. This trend is becoming more and more important because, as we acquire knowledge, the student is more motivated and is awarded in some way with rewards or prizes, and this way gets closer with the face-to-face training.


The mobile device takes on more and more importance in our lives and it is for this reason that learning through it begins to be already a must. The possibility of accessing training through different devices and from anywhere is an indispensable requirement.


Always share. The social networks and the own forums of the tools influence directly in our lives and the integration of these in an online platform is taking more and more boom. The possibility for students and professionals to share their experiences, materials, doubts, etc., allows creating a more direct interaction and much more social learning.

Personalized training

Gone is the time when all students and companies had the same needs. Today, every student and every company must be treated in a personalized way, adapting the learning to their needs and objectives.

Curiosity… “Spain is the 5th country in the world with more MOOCs (Open Massive Courses Online) in the growing e-learning market.”

What is clear is that online training is constantly reinventing itself, and at Drac Pixel we always follow the new trends to offer the best technologies and tools.

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