There is a new publication of PMFarma magazine, the largest professional Ibero-American portal in the pharmaceutical sector, that celebrates its 25 years of growth.

Drac Pixel is present in this last publication, a special edition dedicated to new technologies, in a 3 page report where we show up our most recent novelty: Virtual Reality, explained from our point of view and how we have implemented it several times in the pharmaceutical sector, leaving the target of our clients speechless.

“Virtual reality (VR) is a perfect tool, not only for use with patients, but also as an element in the communication strategy in the Healthcare sector” (Jordi Rozas, CEO Drac Pixel)

As we said in the article of the magazine, virtual reality is already a reality in the health sector. Increasingly, and as some studies show, this new technology is expanding into new fields, beyond the world of leisure and video games. Many sectors are beginning to explore VR, and the pharmacist is not far behind. The main objective? Surprise and stimulate the healthcare professionals with new formats, channels and supports through which to get their messages successfully.

In Drac Pixel we have been dedicated to this technology for more than two years, working and developing it every day to respond to the current demands of this and many other sectors, adapting to any type of project.

To date, RV can be applied wherever we want, although the most common areas of use of this technology in healthcare communication are:

  • Events
  • Internal/Externa meetings
  • Formation

Around these areas, in Drac Pixel we have developed countless projects and we are committed to innovate, to ensure that we always meet the objectives of each project.

“Innovation, creativity and technology are our main engines and that is why in Drac Pixel we are convinced that virtual reality has arrived to stay”

We leave you with the link so you can consult the digital version of the magazine:

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