Can you imagine that more than 100 urologists could live the same surgery in first person through the eyes of the surgeon as if they were in the operating room from anywhere in the world? Laboratorios Almirall, yes they do and Drac Pixel made it come true.

Almirall continues to consolidate its commitment to scientific outreach and the community of urologists.

Thanks to the streaming technology, we connected the surgeon’s Smart Glass to the Internet, allowing more than 100 urologists to be part of the surgical intervention at the Hospital Clínic in Barcelona. It was an uncut and HD connection. In addition to the Smart Glass, different cameras were distributed through the operating room and helped to capture images never seen before.

Urologists who connected with the intervention had the opportunity to interact in live with the operating room by asking questions directly to the doctor, who answered in live through the Smart Glasses during the intervention.

It is a new unexplored road that offers endless advantages:

  • Allows the surgeon to access information with an integrated device that leaves their hands free to operate.
  • Helps to retransmit open surgery at a lower cost.
  • Facilitates the work of doctors in the operating room and consultation.
  • Teaches in real time. Teaching takes on a new level.
  • Helps residents who want to improve their work.
  • Promotes a strong commitment to research and technological innovation that will benefit professionals, teachers, patients and students.

But what are Smart Glasses really?

The so-called Smart Glasses are computer devices with screens that move with the head and, therefore, follow the movement of the person wearing them. In other words, the user will always have the screen in front of the eyes regardless of his or her position and orientation. Smart Glasses are the only devices that do not alter or modify the user’s vision.

There are three paradigms of how to alter the visual information perceived by a user:

  • Virtual reality
  • Augmented reality
  • Decreased reality

In addition, like many other devices, Smart Glasses incorporate a camera that facilitates recording without the use of hands.

Currently there are many brands that have developed these smart glasses, each with its own specifications and technology.

At Drac Pixel we try, through our R & D & I department and our specialist technicians, to keep abreast of any technological innovation looking for a way to apply it to the needs of industry and society, to improve and facilitate people’s lives.

“In this project we were rewarded with a special recognition: the ASPID award of GOLD 2016 to the best scientific medical marketing service directed to health professionals.”

We leave you with a video that summarizes the whole project:

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