LOOKING AT THE PATIENT, THE COMMON OBJECTIVE OF THE PHARMACEUTICAL SECTOR”. This is the end of this 3-day Congress that took place in Barcelona on 21, 22 and 23 March, organized by the Pharmaceutical Associations of Barcelona and Madrid, in collaboration with Interalia.

With sensational numbers, the 29th edition of Infarma Barcelona 2017 has been concluded, with the collaboration of more than 200 speakers and more than 300,000 visitors in the three days of work.


30.457 profesional participants
2.817 congressmen
380 laboratories and companies
39.000 m2 of exhibitions




This year has been highlighted the activity of a living profession that wants to reach the future in the best conditions and that has actively participated in more than 50 current classrooms held during the congress with more than 2,800 congressmen, 486 exhibitors and more than 120 Posters, signs of a proactive profession that always works for the benefit of patients and plays a fundamental role as a strategic link of the Spanish health system, according to data provided by Congress (www.infarma.interalia.es).

And what has been our mission?

For more than 6 years Drac Pixel has had the privilege of collaborating with Infarma, making recordings that can later be deferred through a platform that we always create ad-hoc and personalized.

This 2017 we have been present during the 3 days of Congress, working side by side with the College of Pharmacists to record the more than 60 presentations that brought to the pharmacists new developments in the industry and new trends in the work of the pharmacy office.

Our team travelled to the Gran Vía exhibition center in Barcelona to organize record and edit presentations that were to take place during the three days in different Professional Present Classrooms, where participants were allowed to discuss topics related to 3 major itineraries: Community pharmacy development, Care pharmacy and Management. It has been a great effort at the organizational level, being present with several technicians in simultaneous Classrooms.

“It has been fantastic to be able to work one more year from within at one of the most recognized congresses in the pharmaceutical sector (Àlex Ortolà, audiovisual department of Drac Pixel)”

All these videos have been compiled and edited so that in less than a week they were available in a platform created ad-hoc to be able to be visualized, with all the information of its content, presenter/s, speakers or sponsors. So, all those who could not attend, have the opportunity to see the presentations they want, sorted by date and space in the platform created for Infarma.


It is interesting to note that as a novelty this year, Infarma created the #Farmaidearium, a space with the objectives of giving voice to non-profit initiatives led by pharmacists and related to ICTs and social networks; Generate a point of exchange of experiences, knowledge and proposals, as well as facilitating the contact between entrepreneurs to favour the growth of ideas and networking.

#Farmaidearium, the Infarma space to give voice to initiatives related to Tics and social networks

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