At Drac Pixel we are committed to the development of new projects in order to offer new services to our customers.

We are currently offering a new editorial project with Circle Press, a journalistic agency specialized in the medical and scientific sector that acts as a link between current scientific updates and health professionals. We work together with the objective of establishing an alliance between the European and American market and making medical news available to the medical industry.

How we work?

We have a team of medical writers, specialized journalists and designers with vast editorial experience. Our task is to participate as officially accredited press agency at the most important national and international congresses of each specialty and around the world, gathering the latest advances and the most relevant information in medicine, and as final target, the doctor.

With this information we prepare an accurate and quick material for the doctor, in which the most important aspects discussed in the various congresses we are witnessing are described in a simple and brief way. By adapting to the different tastes of our target, the magazines can be produced in physical format, virtual or programmed in iPad or Tablet.

Presents at ECCO

Last February we attended the 12th edition of the ECCO (European Crohn’s and Colitis Organization) Congress in Barcelona, which was addressed to scientists and medical experts from a wide range of fields related to the IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease), including gastroenterology, Internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, epidemiology, endoscopy, image, nursing, pathology and nutrition in order to learn about the latest trends in research and clinical care of IBD.

We were present at most of the symposiums that took place in the congress and, together with Circle Press, we edited the collected material and elaborated information dossiers that emphasize the highlights of each of the meetings that we attended.

“At Drac Pixel we work every day to develop new projects to offer the best solutions to the needs of our customers.”

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